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The harvesting of capers and the subsequent popularity has been established for thousands of years. 

Dark green in colour and known for their unique flavours, capers have become a sweet success story for retirees Narie Preston & Mark Cousins as top chefs across the country are eager to get hold of their highly demanded edible flower buds.

A mix of traditional and modern cuisine, easy on the palate.

There’s little preparation required as capers can simply be added to salads straight from the pack (including pasta, chicken, and potato salads), used as a condiment or garnish or chopped finely for dressings and sauces including pizza toppings.

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A few sprinkles of flavour , ground capers can make an ordinary dish, great. 

Professional chefs the world over use capers to flavour all types of cuisine.

Wot’s Ya Caper would love to hear about your favorite caper recipe, with your permission we may even share it here on our recipes page.

Wot's Ya Caper's Quality Produce

100% Locally grown in Bealiba, Central Goldfields.

Victoria, Australia

Wot's Ya Caper direct from the farm.

Our handpicked capers are processed with a minimal of salt, cured, processed and ready to eat.

Health Benefits

Wot's Ya Caper, capers and caperberries have been preserved using the minimum amount of salt required for flavor development and stability. Capers and caperberries contain many compounds that are vital for good health, including significant amounts of anti oxidants, such as Rutin and anti cancer agents, such as isothiocyanates. These compounds are protected by the gentle preservation techniques used in the production of our capers and caperberries. The little white dots that appear on our capers and caperberries, which might be mistaken for penicillin mould, are in fact are the anti oxidant Rutin, showing up as white crystals on the surface . This feature is often absent from imported products, due to more severe processing techniques, making locally produced a healthier choice.

Looking for a gourmet experience?

Introducing the caperberry

The plant is best known for the edible flower buds (capers), used as a seasoning or garnish, and the fruit (caper berries), both of which are usually consumed salted or pickled.

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All the top chefs consider capers an essential ingredient.